Our Services

We are a leader in financial markets software

We develop an indicators, strategies, custom software, websites, crypto currecnies and virtually any other cusomte software you may need. Each is developed based on your detailed specification.

All work is completed in following steps:

  • We collaboratively define a detailed specification
  • Our team reviews the specification and gets back to you with cost and time estimate.
  • When you agree to proceed, you supply any other ancillary information required to start development (indicators, code, manuals, etc) and we start working.
  • If we defined milestones we deliver intermediate results during our work.
  • We deliver a beta version for you to test it.
  • You give us your feedback and noted problems, and we fix and fine tune it.
  • The final version is released to you with a 1-year bug fixing service. If you find an overlooked bug we will fix it free of charge within 1 year.


We guarantee the confidentiality of your specific and unique trading ideas. We will review and execute any agreeable Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Estimates are based on detailed specifications. Projects are partially payable in advance with any remainder due prior to final delivery.


Which type of application and platform will best suit your systems or strategies?

That's a magic question. As long time traders of stocks, options, futures and FOREX, we understand the markets and how to communicate our analysis. We also understand how to turn that analysis into proven approaches and systems that can make you money.

Everyone would love to have an ATM in thier living room. While expecting an ATM is unrealistic, our development team can take your strategy and automate all or pieces - providing you with a simplified, less time consuming approach to trading

Can't find a vendor to help you? We understand your pain. Having systems development experience combined with real trading experience means we understand - we get it and are available to help solve problems independent of the vendor.



The exercise of trading is a game and game theory plays a large part in how effective your can be as a trader. Working with QuickSilver Concepts, we designed and created a set of Binary Trading games soon to be released to the public

What's your idea??

We have all of the experience and all of the technological support to make your vision a reality. We urge you to come with us and and lose yourself in the games we create together.

The Gold Rush Project is on its way to becoming the first project of its kind, to enable anyone in the world, ages 11 and up, to play games that combine the history, geography and mathematics of the global gold rushes with a physical gold backed crypto currency all wrapped with a bit of fantasy and fiction.

This is the first game in history that when played it creates wealth for the individual player. There have always been games that are free to play and those that are pay to play, The Gold Rush Project presents a new paradigm:

Players aggregate REAL tangible wealth during gameplay by winning Gold Rush Coins (GRC). Our own custom, gold backed, crypto coin.

Check out The Gold Rush Project



The Gold Rush Coin (GRC) is a HYBRID Proof of Work(POW)/Proof of Stake (POS) crypto currency back by physical gold, designed and developed as a core component of the Gold Rush Game. And like virtually all crypto currencies, GRC finds its roots in Bitcoin.

The concepts of virtual or digital currencies are not new. However, the implementation of a virtual or crypto currency and attaching a value by backing it with Gold, allows the Gold Rush Project to stretch beyond the average game company and provide a way for players to aggregate real spendable wealth.

Check out The Gold Rush Coin

Website Development

Over the years we have developed many websites of all shapes and sizes and types, utilizing HTML, Php, Microsft .NET and Wordpress

Below is a short list of some of the sites we have developed. All components, including video, animation and effects were developed by BlackWave Technologies: